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Being Human Kind to victims of crime


Hi I'm Glyn MacLean, Founder of The Dark Night Online. I am going to share the facts about crypto, cyber and financial crime experience as they stand from the diligence of long term and deeply immersive observation. Truth can often be difficult to take on board, yet the benefit of accepting the truth is that taking a look at what has happened in the past, can inform the adaption of our future behaviours. This way, we learn from our difficulties to evolve and grow as people, ultimately improving life-experience. Better still if we can learn from the experiences of others and prevent indignity.

I work in the dark of night online as an advocate and support to the victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime. Improving evidence standards for judicial processes worldwide.

I invite you to join me as we learn what it means to become considerate of the victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime. IN THE DARK OF NIGHT ONLINE Regular folk are often unable to sleep up at 3am in the dark of night online. They are seeking responsible, reliable and honourable people they can entrust with the honour and privilege of being their advocate in a time of darkness. People like you can become their guiding light.

Personally, I don't take this honour lightly. What happens to one of us could happen to any and all of us. Let's each find our way to the realisation that helping others, helps ourselves.

I am helping your mum and dad, your grandpa and grandma, your children, your wife or husband, your cousins, your in-laws, your neighbours, your doctor, your school teacher and all the folk that make the world more beautiful.

These people were hurt by organised, decentralised crime that could have effected anyone. They are the targeted victims of a mass scale of operation the world has never seen before. A criminal operation that is sometimes purely criminal, and sometimes driven by the state sponsored financial terrorism that is right now afflicting Western nations and Nato members. People just want to live regular, simple, family and community orientated lives. They don't want to get caught up in complex organised criminal networks or the machinations of states and governments led by charismatic despots. Yet it happens that regular folk get hurt. If only you could see how many times I have sat with people processing their evidence and crying, because there is no other reasonable response to the pain inflicted on them.

I ask you to show some empathy for regular folk, by learning.

I invite you to do your part in the battle to restore the dignity of people by being patient with law enforcement. Everyone is learning to be and to do better over time. Be kind and generous to the genuine people who sacrifice little bits (or a lot) of their lives to help victims, often under genuinely difficult circumstances. Take the role that you can play in this support seriously.

Make the shift away from the idea of CAVEAT EMPTOR or BUYER BEWARE as a moral judgement on the incapacity for regular folk to conduct due diligence or discern crime.

We have seen instances of Government Departments that have certified organisations in their databases that are in hind sight, clearly a fraudulent criminal organisation. Mistakes happen.

Regular folk can not be aware of complex, organised criminals who have the resources to mimic technically sophisticated financial trading platforms.

There are failures everywhere across governing, regulatory and peak body organisations whose cavalier or undisciplined behaviour has left regular folk to pay the price for innovation and regulatory operating failures, resulting in regular folk paying the price with lost savings.

This is not fair.

There are failures within judicial process and with hyped-up and charismatic public servants, who may promise the world, yet whose voracious appetite for media publicity routinely results in the delivery of Justice System case rejection letters. Delivering injustice as a depressing norm to the regular folk who trusted the relentless Justice marketing, only to be forsaken.

Not OK. WE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE TO SERVE NET POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR PEOPLE. Victims know what is happening to them. I have read over 100 affidavit statements, literally reading through millions of words of social and instant messaging chats, to gain deep insights and understanding to the facts of crime. Working cases properly can take a long time, yet the suffering of victims is intense within every single moment of suffering, across every single day that life is now a struggle for them. I get it, I really do, and I'm deeply motivated to resolve the cause of pain.

We must find ways and means by which accountability to ethics standards can guide the integrity of public and private services back to being Of, By and For THE PEOPLE, always.

There is a fundamental need for Justice Departments to become much more considerate of victims. Communication standards are opaque, unaccountable and often shameful. Justice Divisions routinely write to convince victims not to use civil services, with libellous comments about law firms, investigation agencies and private detectives who are often much better operators, better trained, better equipped and leaders in their field. Prejudice can lead to obstruction of justice as ill equipped law enforcement fail at their own evidence standards, fail the victim cases, then cite the case can not be solved by anyone else, rejecting the law enforcement educators who set the standard and lead the way.

There are numerous private civilian actions being taken by victims to Police Complaints Authorities and Ombudsmen.

The aim is to highlight the need for behavioural changes among law enforcement towards accountability as a public servant to victims and to public private partnership.

We are all busy, but this is people's lives that we are playing with. Dropping a victim case and ignoring the responsibility to improve personal or departmental process is not the kind of behaviour we expect from public servants who are paid by Governments, which are elected by tax payers to step up to protect and serve. Not OK. Behavioural standards vary wildly. Angelic law enforcement leaders are the holy grail of an investigation, yet experiences can vary all the way through to corrupt cops who really need to be behind bars. You see it all worldwide. And so, when you find genuinely good people in law enforcement, you do everything in your ability to support them. Conversely, you report unethical behaviour and seek to have bad actors in law enforcement demoted, reduced in rank or taken out of service altogether. We don't want that at all. We want well trained law enforcement better equipped to fight bad guys. Psychology, emotions and the sheer impacts of criminal victimisation on a persons financial life needs to be taken much more seriously. Quite often, Justice Departments have shoddy communication, which routinely causes as much trauma as the criminal act itself. This is unacceptable, but it is the norm, especially in America. A financial crime can easily be as serious as losing a family member. In fact, due to the loss of funds to private health care, and due to self harm, we have come to know the fatal consequences of public services not taking financial crime seriously. Yet there are recent cases where USD1.2m stolen resulted in only USD100k in total restitution paid back to victims. Digital assets and money doesn't just disappear through criminal networks, it sometimes disappears within the Justice System itself - worldwide. I have cases I solved two years ago, currently in the US Justice system with criminals caught and restitution still not paid to the victims six months after the court action began. A family member who needed private medical care has passed away during that time. Who's accountable? This effort to solve a global financial pandemic is going to benefit from our unity and solidarity, working together to help solve each local and regional crypto, cyber and financial crime epidemic as a community. Rather than blaming, we adopt compassion and care. Putting your hand up to help could be as simple as sharing this message. Or you could make a donation to assist us to hire more investigators to help solve pro bono cases for destitute victims. Although Oikos Media Pty Ltd in Australia backs TDNO and is a for profit entity, overall - this activity is loss making, because it is designed to provide free services to a lot of people. Hard to get sponsors from FinTech, because I am busy holding them accountable! I didn't tell my community, but I was sued by a billion dollar US corporation that I held accountable. They dropped their case on presentation of evidence. Integrity comes at a price. I put myself in the firing line and for privacy and integrity reasons, I often don't tell people. I take the higher path. The work is difficult and needs more resource to help more people to step up and fight. I accept personal responsibility for this investment and so, I focus on corporate and government work to subsidise the pro bono and loss making work supporting desperate victims who deserve justice and who's cases can genuinely be solved. I do this because I have been a victim too. In my case, I lost my children. There is not a day that goes by that I don't suffer separation anxiety and process grief at losing them. I understand trauma. It has been my lived experience. I turned my trauma into service to restore dignity of others to distract me from my own and delight me when I could create dignified moments. Your dignity and mine go hand in hand. I really just want you to know, that I care with all my heart about people. I want to inspire you to step into a space in which your heart ignites for people too. A space in which we honour each other. This is the real world.

The world of people. People we serve. People in need. Please use the TDNO website and the free tools to register intelligence to help prevent crime, or promote the free crime prevention tools that have already helped prevent romance and investment scams for thousands of people. Most of these services are FOREVER FREE for you and for others to use.

We are called HUMAN-KIND for a reason.

Let's each become HUMAN-KIND. Let's remember our humanity. and be Better, together. In the dark of night online.



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