I first began chasing crypto criminals, when a client that I was building a website for asked if I could use my IT skills to help get his cryptocurrency back.


This is a long time ago.


Back then, I didn't even know what cryptocurrency was!


I'm a quick study and coming from FinTech leadership, with a long career in technology, including complex ERP business process optimisation advisory and so I quickly learned how cryptocurrency worked. I just wanted to help my web design client. I had mustered a lot of skills over a long career in business, including debt collection, accounting and a variety of skills that all worked well together to track the criminal down, then negotiate to get the bitcoin back. 



To date I have since lectured to more than 30,000 + people on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, with over 1.6m views of my answers on quora, I have become an underground Ethical hacker who has been consulted by numerous clients including stock exchanges. However, my hacking is less code orientated and more old fashioned, very boring forensic work along with very exciting criminal psychology and detective work. 

Art reflects life, then life reflects art. 

I knew all about FinTech fraud and had the advanced IT skills, much like those you see on TV shows like SCORPION or MR ROBOT. Add in an element of McGuyver or The Pretender and you have a high IQ and EI guy chasing after criminals and rourtinely catching them. In fact, to date I have identified and located 100% of the criminals I have pursued. The harder part is getting the money back. I have a good success rate at getting the money back from smaller crime syndicates, but organised criminals are harder to fight, that's for sure.


Being multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary is crucial, you have to be good at law, commerce, media, technology and so on. I was able to use prior skills at debt collection and accounts receivable management. combined with forensic accounting, to identify the criminals.

In the case of my first client, I knew everything about the criminal, from his girlfriend and his baby, to all the places he had lived, his landlord and all the groups in which he occupied.

By the time I turned up on mobile and talked to him, I had him dead to rights nailed down and shocked him with how much I knew. I had prepared by studying the consequences of law relating to wire fraud.

Being proficient at psychology is vital, I trigger the Amygdala (flight or fight response), then presented myself as the path for his escape route.

"Here is your situation, I'm here to help, but you

have to stop and here is your way out."

The technique worked.


He paid my client back the money and I began to wash, rinse, repeat this technique by turning criminal behaviour around and converting criminals to informants. 


I want to help support Interpol, regional police (law enforcement everywhere) to learn how to be more efficient at the use of emerging technology and counter intuitive (non-departmental) methods of efficacy to catch and convict criminals.  



Most experts understand the theory, 
I know the real-world practices. 
There is a big difference. 

The background which assists me in my financial justice work was 

as Head of Business Improvement Advisory for Attache Software.


I was first mentored by thought leaders in technology transformation,

from a role as a National Partner Manager, through Channel Development Manager and into Head of Advisory for Australia and New Zealand.


I developed training programmes and innovated new critical pathways

and methodologies for Australian and New Zealand accountants.


Taking the balanced scorecard, diagnostic led approach to business

process improvement, then fixing what was broken in the methods that

accountants used to engage their clients and save business lives.


I developed the training method by which accountants use

diagnostics instruments to identify process

improvement and therefore

improve advisory.


This diagnostic work involved teaching

the bible of business process fraud. 

A 700 page Business Improvement Guide (BIG),

that was distilled down to 70 tactics, then to 5. 

The workflows I created were adopted by

the technical trainers contracted by the

Inland Revenue (tax) departments. 

I work in partnership with

industry stakeholders. 


A consequence of this $2m pilot, was that my work on accounting

industry transformation assisted Attache Software to win an

award for Best Cloud Software in 2014.


51 Accounting firms participated, making an average of 700% growth

in the advisory revenues of 150 accountants, returning an average

of $100,000 profit improvement for 1500 small

to medium businesses. 

How does this relate? 

That folks, is complex




I am not bound by the limitations of departmental rules

and administrative processes, which are often

so bad, they actually help criminals!

I can teach law enforcement where you are going wrong. 
More importantly, I can guide you to how to get it right.

FinTech technology also companies need to to become better

organised than the criminal networks that are currently running

circles around them. Especially negligent exchanges. 

Hire me to get the exchanges back on track

with upholding KYC, AML and CTF.


Restore justice. Legally, Ethically

and Morally, Righteously. 

For the people. 


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