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Investigation Training Courses

The Dark Night Online & Blockchain Downunder | TRAINING COURSES: Today the super talented Wonder of a Woman legal eagle Nivie Kaul and Glyn MacLean assembled the first three independent training courses for Crypto, Cyber Investigation and Management.

'Hands on', detailed and deeply immersive training based on a Crypto Certification and Accreditation methodology, that manages training across real world TDNO cases in the context of the judicial process.

We are looking forward to soft launching this with investigative early adopters through a tightly managed qualitative on boarding process across TDNO real world cases.

We have tailored the initial course to Clain Crypto Investigation Software.

To assist TDNO pro bono work please mention TDNO when trialing Clain.

Picture: Canary in the Coal Mine. A supervisor on a mining site educates fellow miners with techniques for how to identity if dangerous, explosive gas pockets that may have occurred in the mining system. In this visual metaphor, crypto consumers are the canaries in the coal mine of crypto investment and romance scams. We encourage law enforcement to pay close attention to TDNO members and other victims of crypto, cyber and financial crimes. Let's keep people safe.

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