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An invitation for old dogs to learn new tricks in Crypto Crime Fighting.

The Dark Night Online | TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE - CRYPTO CRIME FIGHTING COMMUNITY - old methods may not work well in the new world. The good news is that old dogs can learn new tricks with the help of pack of friends on the journey to become top dogs.

Thanks to our partners Clain Probe Cryptocurrency Investigation Suite, Blockchain Intelligence Group and QLUE Investigation Studio, TDNO is assisting the broader law enforcement, justice, legal and extended crypto security, justice and risk community to gain access to work through remote collaboration on cases and programs worldwide.

TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE access is FREE to vetted personnel.

You will be supported to pioneer new tools and techniques, like Auto-de-mixing, AI Reporting, NFT explorer and access to OSINT intelligence databases and advanced judicially valid methods to solve difficult, real world cases.


We want more investigators using better tools for the job.

We are going to get real by being victim centric.

Accountable to restitution and justice outcomes.

Empathetic to pathways that reduce victim impacts.

With a therapeutic approach and victim self-service.

Agile SCRUM methodologies and Self-Service.

Remote, Real-time Collaboration.

Learn how and why some cases have failed the judicial system.

Under the guidance of a gifted lawyer and legal researcher our Chief Legal Advisor Nivie Kaul is liaison and trainer. Coordinating lawyers and law firms and teaching Crypto investigation in the context of judicial process standards for Direct, Criminal and Civil action.

Take what you have learned then apply this to difficult cases in your country nationwide. Solve more cases. Resolve difficult cases. Don't give up. Don't give in. Put more criminals where they belong, help more people.

And guess what, membership is free.

Sign up (free) then turn up (on time).

Becoming an old dog with new tricks is that easy.

In the dark of night online

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