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Wolves growl at shepherds.

You and I are here in this moment because the world has too many predators. Who can you trust to be a good shepherd? To stand up against predators who prey on the vulnerable. Wolves tend to growl about the shepherds who banish them. Judge the shepherd by the safety of the flock from predators.

Trust is not formed in statements that we make about ourselves, but in the testimony of our stakeholders. Don't ask the growling wolf who lost a meal, ask the sheep the shepherd cares for.

If you want to know who we are and what we are doing, ask those who are involved with us right now in the work. Make a point of keeping up with the reality by going to the source and not becoming swayed by illusory gossip and heresy. This work takes patience. Over the last eight years I have committed myself to support the victims of cyber, crypto and financial crime, maintaining a strong focus on protecting the efficacy of victim support.

Removing access to those who have presented either false or self-interested intentions, and who were not suited to the genuine work of victim support, who came to feast on people. A good shepherd protects his flock from wolves.

There are lawyers who would rank your access to legal representation based on your utility to make them and their cohort's profit. Who intended to rank and filter TDNO clients only to marginalise those whose losses were not significant enough. With no transparency regarding conflicts of interest and a refusal to divulge information on personal interests. Is justice only for the rich? I don't think so.

There are those who have dragged their heels, caused great expense, reduced income and created prolonged difficulty and unnecessary delays, all the while blaming others for their lack of commitment. I will not work with these kinds of people. And neither will my partners,

or TDNO clients.

Everyone has detractors whose self-interest can aim to undermine, who project their own conflicts on to others. Immature behaviours. Beware who you believe and make sure that you examine the facts before shooting yourself in the foot by following the advice of a wolf.

How is the shepherd doing? I have a responsibility to ignore distractions and get on with the work. You have that same responsibility to yourself and to your case.

We must work together with goodwill and in good faith.

The testimony below hints at global and regional projects that are about to become public. An endeavour that I have poured my heart and soul into for eight years is just now coming to fruition. By developing the right kind of strategic relationships with ethical and virtuous people with genuine capability, cases that have languished will soon have their day in court.

Stay focused. Be patient.


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