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What TDNO is working On

Hello TDNO Community,

I am writing to let you know that we are close to gaining approval for our charity Not-For-Profit status. After this happens, we will implement contracts with partners, including Blockchain Intelligence Group, to take your cases into TDNO Proact Task Force under the legal guidance of Nivie Kaul (Head of Legal).

We encourage our clients not to engage any outside party without first speaking to us so as not to distract from planned projects.

Police are not lawyers and do not cover Civil Litigation or Direct Interventions.

TDNO needs to project manage all of our cases and needs your disciplined patience and support to pioneer a pathway to your own justice.

We are doing this the right way to challenge government institutional processes that are failing the restitution process for victims.

As victims, we know this can be difficult, but we need your patience and understanding. We also need to keep a disciplined approach, which is absolutely vital.

We appreciate your patience as we advocate for you through change management.

We are working very hard and want to fix a broken system; we must be patient and diligent together.

We can do this! We are stronger together! We, the people, stand up for our justice.

If you need support, I am here anytime you need to text, chat, or have a Zoom meeting.

If you need to reach out to Glyn on your case, please take note he is only available on Australian time as of now, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so please book a meeting ahead of time if you need to touch base or have questions.

I am also here working side by side on many things with Glyn, so if you need to reach out, you can ask me anything first via the chat!

All the best,

Angie, aka the Dark Angel

Community Manager of TDNO

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Unknown member
Mar 12

Just a heads up to our clients reading this post that we are also very much deep in case work. Particularly Cyber forensics which is critical to identify attribution. We will soon be shifting all crypto cases and track and trace of funds flow into BiG QLUE in preparation for collaboration through Proact Task Force. Because we are victim centric we don’t accept how law enforcement are saying cases are unsolvable. We are bringing in the big guns to change improve the law enforcement process to achieve more restitution. Thanks for your patience. We take your cases very seriously,

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