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Making the shift to Not-For-Profit.

This particular update celebrates the forthcoming shift of the TDNO entity from the current Australia based operation to a USA based not-for-profit. By TDNO Founder Glyn MacLean.

What's happening?

TDNO's core team Nivie Kaul (Head of Legal), Angie Lamothe (Head of Community) and I (Founder) met today to plan the transition to the not-for-profit we will be forming.

We will establish TDNO's Mission, Vision, Values and form the Constitution over the Christmas period. With plans to launch the USA based NFP in 2024.

There will be no change to the current operations or partnerships. All contracts past and present will be honoured. Activities continue as planned.

We will however be tabling victim centric and crime fighting industry transformational research and pilot programs, along with new funded projects which will draw on the data and experience we have accumulated since 2016.

This includes ramping up law enforcement and other enablement programs that we want to do on a not-for-profit basis but couldn't under the current entity or operational basis. Our forthcoming NFP entity will improve our capacity to collaborate and cooperate more effectively with partners from a legal and accounting standpoint, while also accurately reflecting how we actually operate.

What has triggered the change?

As my audience well knows, I have in the past operated TDNO under a for-profit entity. However, over the course of the last three years, I chose to accept a large number of pro bono (free cases) and therefore operated unprofitably by choice.

We help a large number of people who are destitute as a direct result of the crimes that have occurred to them. These people have no capacity to defend themselves. No one else would help them. Not even the police. We also wanted to step up and help those who are at risk due to their circumstances.

Despite that fact that any kind of entity needs money to operate effectively, I don't think the source of this should come from victims. The old entity make up just didn't fit the nature and scope of where we wanted to go with TDNO activity being Of, By and For THE PEOPLE.

We are evolving into who and what we already are.
Our industry partnerships can now flourish.


Having supported victims of cyber, crypto and financial crime since 2016 I have a strong personal commitment to helping people.

It has taken some time to find people equally as passionate as myself. It has also taken time to form the basis of trust that I now have with Nivie Kaul and Angie Lamothe to orientate the organisation to be effective.

TDNO serves to assist the transformation of criminal and civil justice methodologies, ultimately to improve justice for people through people.

Empathetic behavioural and emotional intelligence models sit at the core of TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE collaborations, which aim to transform evidence and response processes through a commitment to accountability in victim centricity.

We look forward to working closely with our partners and stakeholders to restore the dignity of victims of cyber, crypto and financial crime. Thanks for your support. Glyn MacLean FOUNDER

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