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As I prepare to jump back into case work on Monday 19th December, I logged in GRAY WOLF ANALYTICS and was immediately altered to an update in SOURCES. View links to my SOURCES by clicking here. AUTOMATED SOURCES is a function of the Blockchain Investigation software used to gather forensic and other evidence for law enforcement: GRAY WOLF ANALYTICS. (The Dark Night Online is an official member of the Early Adopter Program in the Beta Phase of the Start Up.)

The AUTOMATED SOURCES function, pulls in data from law enforcement resource databases. We then use KEYWORD and other SEARCH mechanisms to compare case notes with law enforcement and private agencies worldwide.

This function has helped me to search for records of successful prosecutions and recoveries in the jurisdiction of the client cases that I am working on. I am then able to reach out to the agencies that have had success on a case, and present my client to the correct prosecutor. This CONNECTIVITY is crucial advantage to case work. SOURCE databases also include the OFAC Sanctions database, which means that I can also check the database against rogue sanctions accounts running through BANKS and other FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. This mitigates the risk of a financial institution inadvertently harbouring a sanctioned entity. (There are massive fines for breach of sanctions.)

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