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The Fifth Element in Investigations

The Fifth Element in forensic investigations: THE POWER of LOVE manifest as EMPATHY through PATIENCE in forensic case work - how you can turn your empathy into a super power to fight cyber and crypto crime.


An element exists with the power to stop the annihilation of the universe itself.

In the popular SciFi movie by French filmmaker Luc Besson, the idea is that the laws of the universe also include the principle of LOVE as a power to vanquish those who would seek to destroy life.

Cool idea, fun music, great cinematography. A hit.

Yet this post is not a SciFi story, instead we acknowledge that for most truly passionate people; work becomes like a religion. A disciplined approach to deliver dignity to people.

After all, why do we do this kind of work,

if not to restore the dignity of people?

With that said, what does love have to do with anything in forensics?

We are after all human.

In so much as human error can occur, so can human perfection. An aspect of which, is the capacity for one person to care for another person, manifest through patience.

Where can we learn patience?

On a customer service line with Binance or Coinbase, as FinTech staff do everything in their power to make obtaining statements impossible to be used as evidence with COINBASE or BINANCE on the header.

Sarcastic prayer.

Thank you exchanges for helping victims to experience futility that teaches patience, for creating the problems that victims experience, then obstructing the victims from help.

Sarcasm ends.

OK, so that's not the kind of patience I really meant, but is an example of how victims are forced to be patient with exchanges, while their life savings are laundered.

The good kind of patience?

The good kind of patience I am talking about is when the investigator takes the time to get an accurate STATEMENT OF FACTS (Affidavit) that truly explains contexts for what REALLY happened.

Mind matters.

We must understand that we are supporting traumatised people, whose neural pathways have been disrupted.

The brain literally rewires itself to stop processing an incident that has been as traumatic to the brain as losing a loved one.

What love is.

Love for people manifests as patience, introducing a cognitive process that shifts from creative, to logic.

We patiently re-connect facts from time framed CHAT LOGS in a CHRONOLOGY/SEQUENCE of EVENTS with date and time stamp, patiently delivering missing cognitive contexts to the STATEMENT of FACTS.

Patience improves the efficacy of evidence.

Patience is a manifestation of love.

Love is the practice of care.

Care is consideration.

Which improves the clues needed to identity a criminal.

Such as when a criminal names the exchange they used in among the average 500,000 words for the chat.

Qualitative evidence assists the Quantitative forensic track and trace.

Use your fifth element.

Love manifest as Patience.

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