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Smart Global Finance

GROUP ACTION - SMART GLOBAL FINANCE: Evidence gathering for PRIVATE, CIVIL and CRIMINAL ACTION. If you have been impacted by this entity we invite you to enquire. TDNO is project managing curation and preparation of evidence for multiple victims. If you are pursuing this entity we invite you to enquire. TDNO will provide collaborate access to our OSINT to legitimate agencies to assist your work.

U.S. Justice Victim Rejection

Note that the victim evidence on this entity, which has been independently presented by victims, as directed by IC3 through the US Justice System (Police, FBI and Secret Service), has already led to formal letters of *case rejections. (*This is not the correct departmental language, it is the outcome.)

I note the US Justice system IC3 evidence gathering process often does not gather enough information to meet judicial prosecution standards, which is why so many cases are rejected, because they have insufficient evidence.

You get what you ask for. Keep in mind that evidence standards are very different between criminal and civil legal processes. This really depends on the aspect or angle of law that you will use to go after the criminal. There are multiple ways to approach through law, also depending on venue and jurisdiction.

Rejection is often not because the cases are unsolvable, but rather, that there is not enough motivation, impetus or correct procedure to gather sufficient evidence.

While so many people say they know what they are doing, this is not the case at all. Police have been caught advising victims that FBI has a US one million dollar case threshold. FBI has told victims this threshold is not at all true. We have affidavit statements by multiple victims saying this has happened. The stories from victims about law enforcement treatment are really quite shocking.

TDNO is stepping in to improve the quality of documentary evidence, track and trace the funds flow to regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and then partner up with either law enforcement and (or) civil lawyers to take US based action against the organised criminal enterprise.

Experience across this varies person to person.

We will work with any legitimate entity that is prepared to step into the space of victim advocacy and do the right thing by the victim.

As some of the funds flow has gone from BTC to USDT, there is potential for a proven pathway for TETHER to freeze and seize funds.

I am also not naive. I understand that criminals also follow me. Part of my method is to scare the living crap out of criminals to show them that they must undo the crime to undo the time they will serve in prison. TDNO prevents crime and makes no apology for deterring criminals on behalf of victims.

If you are interested in pioneering pathways across this particular action, reach out to me in DMs on LinkedIn or via the LIVE CHAT on TDNO and let's take down these mofos with sensible judicial processes and methods.

Cheers Glyn

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