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Sex for Sale Crime

Romance Scams and Dating Websites - ILLEGAL PROSTITUTION IN DATING APPS. We are a looking at a sea of red in the North America map. This map helps us to understand that prostitution is illegal in most American states. (Prostitution is legal in 10 of 17 Nevada States, illegal elsewhere.)

Pay close attention to this, because dating websites, social media and instant messaging apps have become primary platforms for the commercial sale of sex services in USA.

Why aren't these platforms prosecuted?

The true source of ROMANCE SCAM crime is the initial IDENTITY FRAUD that leads to FINANCIAL FRAUD.

What is fraud?


When it comes to sex for sale the average person using an online dating app expects to meet someone through mutual affection, not someone they will have to pay for sex, or lose their fortune to in a romance scam.

When dating websites allow sex services to sell on their platform and if they are not held accountable, then the platform itself may be misrepresenting itself.

There is no effective filtering of sex workers or scammers, because there is no mandatory identity verification. Those kicked out come straight back in to scam again, and again and again.

Sex for sale in a dating website is a fraud and a crime.

Agencies fighting crime need to be aware of the ethics breach of supporting organisations that repeatedly support criminal activity. Exposing them, not endorsing them.

Holding dating website platforms accountable for their role in allowing the sale of sex services could be a potential pathway to apply leverage to updating IDENTITY to prevent sex services for sale on social platforms.

In reality, most social media and online dating platforms universally allow sex as a service on their platforms, clearly in breach of laws at every level.

Corruption and incompetence must exist everywhere, at every level for the blatant sale of sex services to be allowable and the subsequent lack of prosecution at ISPs, Commerce, Internet, Communications, and Decency laws.

Hiding in plain sight.

Over the weekend I collated dozens of identity sets as evidence of sex for sale by profiles on dating websites that law enforcement and advocacy agencies are promoting as the good guys.

This is like Cancer Society promoting the Tobacco industry as it takes on Vaping, and we all know that vaping is now hurting kids.

Right now we have a global issue with Child Sex Trafficking. We have more enterprise crime with sex slavery that at any time in history. We have a global pandemic of organised online based finance crime.

Then we are promoting the social mediums, instant messaging apps and dating websites that provide and profit from subscriptions as the good guys?

While the morality and ethics of industry participants continues to be so low, innocent civilians will pay the price for this immorality, for the compromised ethics and the dissociative behaviours of those who are supposed to protect the public.

GLYN MACLEAN | FOUNDER The Dark Night Online

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