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Seeking Victims of the SMART GLOBAL FINANCE trading platform scam.

GROUP ACTION: Call for Claimants / Victims of the SMART GLOBAL FINANCE scam.

TDNO is gathering, collating and preparing evidence for a GROUP ACTION which will manifest as Direct Action, Legal Action and Law Enforcement action across multiple jurisdictions from USA to UK.

If you have been impacted by SMART GLOBAL FINANCE we invite you to discuss your situation with us.

Notably, most of the SMART GLOBAL FINANCE victims who have come through the U.S. Justice System have had their cases rejected by the US Attorney. We have the rejection letters to prove it. TDNO uses CLAIN CRYPTO INVESTIGATION SOFTWARE (as used by EUROPOL) this gives us very clear insight in the funds flow and the exit ramps for identifying the criminal identities through regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. This will assist, along with Cyber and Documentary evidence to convert Person's Unknown to confirmed identities.


The SMART GLOBAL FINANCE marketing places this case in UK JURISDICTION. The GROUP ACTION aims to curate as many victims as possible into a CIVIL ACTION through the UK Court System. This is important because, according to numerous articles of evidence from the victims, the U.S. Justice System has let U.S. Citizens down in this particular instance.

You can join this group action from anywhere in the world.

If you have been impacted by SMART GLOBAL FINANCE, no matter your location, your case can be processed in the UK Jurisdiction. This is due to the SMART GLOBAL FINANCE business entity stating that it has business premises in the United Kingdom. There is no concern whatsoever about losing web site evidence. TDNO has backed up the full SMART GLOBAL FINANCE website to the internet archive. We have massive amounts of documentary, forensic financial and cyber forensic evidence, including detailed track and traces of all of the associated wallets for digital assets. However, additional evidence will assist to firm up, cross correlate and corroborate victim claims against the entity and assist in the identification of all directly associated wallets.

Please visit the website and use the LIVE CHAT to discuss the potential to include your case in the group action.

#smartglobalfinance #tradingplatformscam

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