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Sardines that catch Megalodons

SARDINE Vs. SHARK - A struggling Australian support worker has just given us a BTC address for a Crypto Criminal. We followed the chain of evidence using Blockchain Analytics Software to an account with 30041.60320032 BTC and at least 90 registered claims worldwide. Probably an exchange, but none the less a BIG HAUL with thousands of illicit transactions and a case being investigated globally. A lot of people could benefit from catching this guy.

Why all the fuss?

The Sydney resident has the criminal in play and is actively communicating with the criminal, who is posing as (fake) Crypto Recovery Expert.

This means that we can engage the criminal in real time for identity and location details, then feed the intelligence back through our systems to the global law enforcement community.

A Sardine is going to take out a Megalodon of Crypto Crime.

This guy is about to

become shark


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