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Organised Deception the Sharon Armstrong story.

ABRIDGED FROM Sharon's testimony and prelude: On the 13th of April 2011 the life of Sharon Armstrong changed forever.

Sharon Armstrong was arrested at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina with five kilos of cocaine concealed in a suitcase. Her story is a revelation of victim courage.

At the time of her arrest little did she realise she had become a victim of a romance, money, and drug scam, a victim of human trafficking according to some.

While she has faced some of the toughest life challenges, she is now able to look back and realise there were many positives to come from her arrest and the subsequent time in prison, despite never being sure when she would eventually return home.

By the telling this tale of her personal experience through sharing her story, and by Sharon Armstrong bravely standing up and speaking about it, Sharon is hopeful of finding ways (including legislative change) to assist the many victims who have been exploited by scammers.

Sharon wants to shift the spotlight from the victims to the corrupt scams and scammers. She also hopes to ensure that no one else need go through what she did.

Sharon understands that anyone; whether they are vulnerable or not, can become victims of the many different and sophisticated scams and scammers out there in cyberspace and unfortunately, just in any space in general.

In her book, Sharon shares strategies that helped her navigate a path through a process of recovery. While this may not work for everyone, these are shared from Sharon's authentic experience.

Sharon now advocates through SCARS (Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams) for victims/survivors and their families who have been exploited in some way by scammers, who may not feel as comfortable as Sharon with the sharing of their own stories. By using her experience as an example for others, Sharon hopes to show that anyone can overcome adversity. We just need time to rise above it and grow from the experience.

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