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MetaMask Phishing Scams

Just off a remote support session with a USA client. An Apple MacBook compromised. Firewall disabled. Malware DMG, cache and cookies corrupted. Sanitised and stabilised the system. Client had lost all of their digital assets from a METAMASK WALLET.

You think NON CUSTODIAL is safe?

Definitely not.

METAMASK is clearly much too easy to compromise. CYBER FORENSIC INVESTIGATION

Found all the trace route IP addresses and now doing a cyber forensic investigation. Will soon conduct a forensic financial blockchain investigation into the all the digital assets. Curate the evidence, then hand back to the client.


FBI is applying triage through a 'financial minimum limit' that applies to a minimum to invoke Federal jurisdiction through rule 314a. If your loss isn't big enough, tough luck, it might not be picked up by Federal.


FBI IC3 data sets are totally insufficient to the task of comparative analysis for case nomenclatures. Your answers are only as good as your questions. If the questions are open ended, so are the answers, lacking in searchable definition. FBI operatives may try to find similar named cases, but with no correct data entry by victims, that's fruitless and pointless. WORK SMARTER

And so, we work in the dark of night online, around the regularities of the U.S. Justice system, to assist victims of the crypto and cyber crime epidemic to achieve justice.

BLOCKCHAIN DOWNUNDER - Fixing the problem.

Hence the need for TECHNOLOGY LEADERS like to collaborate with IC3 who actually understand data interchange and interoperability of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). And the necessity for Software vendors to teach law enforcement how to do this. PROPERLY. The work of Blockchain Downunder

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