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Media Invitation

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

LEARN THE STORIES OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE on ORGANISED CRYPTO CRIME. This is an invitation for Financial, Technology, Economy, Political and Consumer reporters, bloggers and interested media parties to get early access to break stories on Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Crime.



As a media representative will be given FREE access to resources, which includes direct access to the victims of organised financial crime.

The implications of these cases will be far reaching and could impact some of the biggest financial institutions worldwide.

These stories are not heresy or defamatory. This are stories evidenced by the real-world testimony of the people who have lost their fortunes. No one has heard these stories.

Victims themselves will speak to the systemic failure of government regulations, law enforcement and the re-victimisation they are experiencing from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

They will speak to how they are being unfairly treated and how the incumbent industry is inadvertently supporting organised crime to continue unabated.

Please note, that while the people and circumstances involved are very real, some of the victims have chosen to use non de plumes to avoid retribution.

The amounts involved for a single incident of loss goes up to USD$50m, which is enough to fund a small war.

Many of the victims have children, families and were afraid to come forward, be identified or lose their career credibility.

Let me make it clear, some of the smartest people in the world are being defrauded. The concept of suggesting to consumers that Caveat Emptor or Buyer Beware is still sufficient in the face of organised crime is a systemic failure and a gross incompetence.

If you make contact, you will be given access on the grounds that you respect the dignity and privacy of the victims of Cryptocurrency Crime.

Understanding that there is a battle against complex organised crime, being fought by people, who often work alone in the dark of night online.

People who have been forsaken by financial technology companies, local, regional and global law enforcement and national government regulators.

Private message me. Glyn MacLean, FOUNDER


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