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Clients of THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE seek justice and funds recovery. On the justice side, I focus on disrupting criminal infrastructure and architecture.

  • Mapping out technology architecture through ethical hacking and cyber forensics, along with scanning through documentary evidence.

  • Targeting each component of technology stack, to shut down access permanently, making the criminals life hell by taking their tools away.

In the email screen shot below, Lazada owned by communicates they have assisted me to take down a Manilla, Phillipines based criminal profile on their popular eCommerce platform.

The fastest takedown to date.

Within minutes of my evidence outreach to alert to the criminal, Lazada took IMMEDIATE ACTION to protect the community.

This action is what I mean by targeting IaaS (INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE)

to stop criminals permanently.

I alert the vendors that provide the technology stack used by the criminal, after decoding digital forensic data points that validate that architecture.

Most IaaS, Saas and PaaS vendors have an ABUSE POLICY, that automatically triggers action, without lawyers or police needing to be involved.

I have previously presented a methodological approach, where civilian contractors take on chunks of law enforcement work, to accelerate this work.

While lots of people talk about the work, few actually do it. So now you are beginning to see the evidence that I am not only expert at this, I am effective at this.

Note that when IC3 USA and industry participants like COINBASE are alerted to the criminal, they ALLOW THE CRIMINAL TO CONTINUE and do nothing to execute TAKEDOWNS of the websites. Evidenced by how many clients TDNO has that reported the criminal activity to IC3, where months later, nothing has happened at all.

Also proven by a video I recorded this morning, where despite a new warning in the COINBASE wallet, a COINBASE WALLET user can still visit the malicious fake trading platform and get stung by fake trading. One month ago that warning didn't exist.

In a nutshell, while US practitioners are celebrating how awesome they are, the reality is, they are not being awesome if the websites can continue to defraud people.

This all care and no responsibility behaviour by federal authorities and workers in USA needs to change. But let's not point the finger at hard working people, let's look at the SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM.

COINBASE and other web wallets allow access to URL's that have not been verified. Criminals use this internal wallet web feature to scam millions of people.

Cryptocurrency industry created an implicit trust, that allows illicit actions.

In the case of my client this morning, one crypto wallet gives a warning, another crypto wallet has no warning whatsoever, to a criminal operation that was reported to IC3 months ago.

LAZADA took one hour.

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