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International Cyber Crime Presentation

The Dark Night Online | EVENT INVITATION: INTERNATIONAL CYBER CRIME PRESENTATION Topic: Investigating International Crypto Crimes - see below for detail of the live presentation.

Speaker: Glyn MacLean

Designation: Founder - The Dark Night Online

Date & Time: 19th Feb 2023 / 10.00 am IST / UTC+5:33 offset

Invitees: Anyone can attend. Manually add the event and live link to your calendar.

Organised by: Cyber Secured India

With support of: Gray Wolf Analytics

- Forensic Intelligence Studio for Web3

Presentation by:

The Dark Night Online (TDNO)

Cyber and crypto crime investigative agency. TDNO investigates the nature of the loss, the parties involved, forensic identity and financial evidence is investigated.

Glyn MacLean, Founder

Speaking about:

  • Crypto and Cyber Crime Epidemic.

  • What is happening worldwide.

  • Ideas to improve responses.

  • Methodological approach.

Presentation will include:

How law enforcement and prosecutors are assisted by improving the efficacy of evidence. Evidence to assist law enforcement is provided for the recovery of the financial assets through criminal prosecution, by the following methods:

Cyber forensic analysis

  • Blockchain forensic tracking and tracing

  • Cryptocurrency digital asset analysis

  • (Follow the money.)

Providing demonstrative evidence

  • Being an Expert Witness

  • Providing Paralegal evidence preparation

  • Statement of facts, Sequence of events

  • Forensic or real source evidence.

Blockchain financial investigation provides:

  • Forensic chain of custody of digital assets

  • Chain of evidence to criminal source

  • Demonstrative evidence

  • Expert Witness

  • Targets

Cyber investigation provides:

  • Forensic evidence of criminal digital infrastructure

  • Chain of evidence to criminal digital source

  • Collaboration with digital platforms

  • Infrastructure takedowns

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