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INDIA - Employment Scams

THEY PRETENDED TO BE POLICE - Things don't end well for scammers when there is a dedicated bunch of scam baiters watching and listening to their every move.

SOURCE: ARTICLE is a Verbatim Report from YouTube from a successful investigation conducted by JIM BROWNING. Unless otherwise stated, the information below is by JIM BROWNING. Please support Jim's work at the links below.

Report Begins.

Thanks to the CBI in Delhi and InterPol, we managed to get a group of police-impersonators arrested and their crypto wallets seized. The bosses of this call center will have to account for over $150,000 in 4 crypto wallets. That should pay for a few more cyber police in Delhi.

This video shows how their scam operates thanks to some CCTV and computer access.

I reference a few other videos... here are videos by other scam-baiters showing the same group of scammers:





Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:








Video: Coming soon!

Some of the websites used by the recruitment scammers: [Dead from 27/10/2022] [Dead from 19/10/2022] [Dead from 19/10/2022]

Details of the company directors:

Address: 2161 ,T/6 4th floor, ShadiPur metro, above Kapil dhaba, near metro pillar no 231, New Delhi, Delhi 110008, India

This video contains a report from The Economic Times. Reproduced under Fair Use policy.

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