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In Brands we trust - UBS Scam Alert, consumer victims, canaries in the coal mine of online commerce.

The Dark Night Online - IN BRANDS WE TRUST - While it is not the fault of any brand that we have an online crime epidemic, it is the moral and ethical responsibility for every brand to protect both the safety of the customer and the integrity of the brand. This is easily achieved by introducing cost-efficient communications and cyber security team's customer journey automations for mitigating fraud and crime.

Brands which may be ignorant to the current crime epidemic could inadvertently destroy the value of their consumer trust, through a WALLED approach to customer service, and a failure to respond to consumer and agency warnings.

Case in point, the UBS INVESTMENT SCAM. Note that I ALWAYS reach out to brands well before I go public. It is my goal to support brands to prevent reputational damage. Where a brand repeatedly ignores fraud alert communication, the client-victim is likely to go public.

Criminals are using brand trust to commit fraud daily. Try to warn brands, and you may find they have adopted a walled approach to customer service which is frankly, irresponsible.

TDNO client is a faithful UBS Investment user, who has been defrauded by a fake UBS investment scam. Working in the dark of night online on the UBS case from Perth and with India for months, I finally have the location and the forensic evidence for a prosecutable chain of evidence, leading to the Philippines.

UBS has repeatedly ignored outreach, through which we sought to share the chain of evidence. The aim being to support UBS to prevent more UBS clients being defrauded. At no cost and little effort to UBS.

We used the officially designated UBS reporting channels and reached out to several past and present executives directly on LinkedIn. With no response.

We don't think this is a conspiracy of active neglect, this is simply poor external communications.

I know this because I own two companies

that are expert in marketing

communications. is a marketing agency that manages western communications to the east, with clients including governments. I was the creator of the communications series that taught Chinese New Zealanders how to use the democratic voting system. manages western communication through digital, with clients including Hollywood, including social media management and end to end organisational coms systems. I created the full stack of technology, the branding and the content for Hollywood Creative Academy, working with the top film makers and music producers in Hollywood.

Not just some schmuck speaking out of school.

The thing to realise is that TDNO is on the side of the CONSUMER and the BRAND to take down the FRAUDSTER. If the BRAND inadvertently supports the fraudster, then TDNO has a burden of responsibility to grab the BRAND by the coat tails and get the BRAND ATTENTION.

The idea is to stop the BRAND falling off the consumer trust cliff. Yes, it hurts to be called out. But listen when the voice is small and quiet, and this will remedy voices getting loud.

We should be genuinely concerned about the apathy of brand behavioural responses to consumer alerts.

Pictures courtesy:

R C McDonald


A simple method for understanding the value of listening to customer alert wake-up calls, is to understand that brand-consumer customer service neglect, often leads to brand ruin. When your customers go quiet and aren't speaking to you, something is going very wrong with your business.

Miners would often deploy the fragility of the canary to detect dangerous gas emissions in coal mines. If the canary stopped singing, it was time to get out of the mine.

Working privately in the dark of night online for crypto crime victims has taught me the value of listening to Consumer Canaries, who provide market feedback that could prevent more crime.

As TDNO has become trusted, canaries worldwide have come to sing to us about the experience of their crypto crimes. They rely on TDNO to be the front person, who challenges the cavalier response of brands to their financial losses.

Blockchain and fraud Investigators like myself are often months to years ahead on trends. This is because we work daily at the coal face of consumer feedback around online fraudulent behaviours.

Consumer Canaries sing to us.

The come to us in the dark of night online, singing songs of the toxicity of Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange systems. Singing songs of the fake organisational infrastructure promoting itself WITHIN THE SOCIAL NETWORKS of the likes of Binance and Trust Wallet. Who do very little to mitigate the fake support.

Not solely an issue of CRYPTOCURRENCY or BLOCKCHAIN, that's just the payment mechanism. Social media and the brands that don't fight the fraudulent use of their brand name are complicit to the rising volume of fraud trade online.

This is not the first time we have been ignored.

I first discovered the MetaMask support scam when a canary sang to me.

A crypto crime victim.

And so, I immediately reached out to Consensys, and to VKontakte & Telegram.

Not one of them stopped the fake MetaMask support scam, at least not for MONTHS, and I woefully watched thousands of MetaMask ConsenSys customers, who did not speak English or who did not use Twitter, lose their fortunes.

Over USD100m consumer funds was stolen.
They had months of notice.

TDNO members are the canary in your coal mine.

But instead of dying from asphyxiation when they come across toxicity in the coal mine of online commerce, TDNO members become a phoenix that rises to warn other consumers.

The song is catching, with over 2.4m views of my answers on Quora.

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