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The Dark Night Online - TotalAV - OCTOBER 2022 had the highest number of DATA BREACHES and HACKS on record. I care about my followers and so, I have tapped into my experience chasing crypto criminals to independently assess the latest security software, and I am going to share a solution that I have chosen for you. While native Microsoft and Apple solutions are good, they are frustrating to set up properly for most people.

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT and I receive no benefit whatsoever for this recommendation. This is purely to help my followers.

71,000 reviews on Trust Pilot can't be wrong.

TotalAV came up as one of the highest ranked complete, integrated security solutions. While some security people will seek complexity, I know that most people are either time poor or can't manage complexity.

Here is why I chose TotalAV for you.

Data Breach Audit - with October having the highest hacks on record, it is crucial to have a simple integrated solution that anyone can use to fight back and protect their value.

TotalAV is an internet security app that has poignant and useful features. While these features aren't unique, the way they are bundled makes it easy to be safe, especially on a Mac.

TotalAV will check your system and make sure that it is super safe.

Particularly useful, is how the App integrates Data Breach Results with Smart Scan, while checking for Malware and offering to Quarantine and Whitelist corporate or personal app exceptions.

Built-in VPN, AdBlock and WebShield provide an entourage of safety and combine with System Tune Up to get rid of those annoying latent cache files.

TotalAV is Mac & PC friendly, and the website will let you know if your operating system and hardware are compatible, without your having to lift a finger.

TotalAV knows what to get rid of to optimise speed.

This includes Junk Cleaner, Duplicate Finder, Large & Old Files, Disk Usage, Browser Cleaner, StartUp Programs and Uninstaller, all within a simple to use management console.

While most security systems upsell and cross sell, the add-ons here are useful, like integrated VPN.

Password Vaults exist broadly now across web browser ecosystems but having one native to the console is convenient. Especially considering that thousands of cloud platforms have been breached and are not reporting the breaches well at all.

TotalAV is up to date with breaches and will take the guess work out of which of your logins are compromised.

Google, Apple and Microsoft all do this at the web browser level, so the same feature is available free, just not as well integrated as TotalAV.

Where the fun really kicks in is the ease by which you can add licenses for all your home devices and smart phones. For low prices. Including family protection.

The only complicated bit during the setup is giving TotalAV "Full Disk" access so that it can run autonomously in the background.


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