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Genesis Marketplace

U.S. Justice Department recommended action for victim support.

Genesis Market Offered Access to Data Stolen From Over 1.5M Compromised Computers Worldwide and Was a Key Enabler of Ransomware.

Victim credentials obtained over the course of the investigation have been provided to the website Have I Been Pwned, which is a free resource for people to quickly assess whether their access credentials have been compromised (or “pwned”) in a data breach or other activity.


Victims can visit to see whether their credentials were compromised by Genesis Market so that they can know whether to change or modify passwords and other authentication credentials that may have been compromised.

If you have been active on Genesis Market, in contact with Genesis Market administrators, or have been a victim and need to report, please email the FBI at: Email:


Visit and read the OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Section of The Dark Night Online Website for details of how to register claims and connect to U.S. Justice Department.

Use the new HAVE I BEEN PWNED tool link to find out if your mobile phone number or email address was being sold on the illegal Genesis Marketplace.

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