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Engineering Ethical Standards

The Dark Night Online | Phaeton Technology | ENGINEERING ETHICS STANDARDS - I think we can all agree that there is an urgent need to support safety across blockchain and cryptocurrency - It takes a special kind of person to understand that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation isn't just about the technical capability, but also about the moral responsibility.

In this photo from today, Chai Shepherd and I have just come out of a meeting. (I am the guy who looks like a night club bouncer on the right. Chai is the handsome, intelligent looking chap on the left.) We like things casual downunder and you're lucky we didn't have a BBQ and beach shorts!

Chai and I had our 'mental sleeves rolled up' in Perth, Western Australia as we began to map out what ethics might look like - through the innovative application of Smart Contracts and Java Script, with ideas to help prevent and solve crypto crime at source.

Talking through the ethics, moral and legal issues relating to privacy, and in response to the pressing need to prevent and mitigate crime.

Including sharing ideas about what private - public partnership might look like to keep the stakeholder ecosystem safe.

Criminals are moving towards NFT, ERC20 and JavaScript methodologies that most of the FinSec community is unable to either genuinely investigate or mitigate.

Working closely with Blockchain developers who understand these processes is mission critical to the work of getting ahead of money laundering methods and nipping them in the bud.

It is all very well for Investigators and law enforcement to ideate what the FinTech world should look like, but it's meetings like this through which we dive deep into the underlying technology to discuss how we can improve how we program change at the code source.

Conversations are needed with all stakeholders, so that we can innovate change that has real value to consumers, to industry and to the public servants who have had to go around cleaning up after bad actors.

For this reason we should celebrate leaders who think and act like Chai.

Chai thinks we can do a lot better. I completely agree with him.


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