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Empowering Police through Web3 intelligent software collaboration

The Dark Night Online | CREATING an ASSERTION in a Blockchain Investigation. This incident relates to a victim in the Wisconsin and Michigan USA/Canada border regions. Keep in mind, that a USA cyber/crypto criminal may have patterns related to preparing to exit USA. In one of our cases, the criminal has cased out property in Canada. We have reached out to Canadian real estate agents to validate identity.

Here we share a screen shot of an INCIDENT REPORT with an ASSERTION that has gone into the international cyber and crypto crime database of Gray Wolf Analytics software.

Law enforcement and other operators in Wisconsin and Michigan will have direct access to this Web3 intelligence when they enter the address related to any other separate incident.

The incident report pops up as a kind of 'red alert', connecting any investigator using the system worldwide, to our work. Connecting local law enforcement in India, Nigeria and Wisconsin (and everywhere else) directly, bypassing the need for Europol and Interpol orders.

Blockchain Downunder will soon commence law enforcement training across live cases like this one. In fact, we are reaching out to assist innovators and early adopters in Wisconsin law enforcement to locally, remotely access this case and others like it through Gray Wolf Web3 Intelligence Software.

Police register your interest via LIVE CHAT at

The pilot / trial program accompanies the relatively new regulation 314a. This allows local law enforcement to work on federal cases and to cooperate with financial institutions. Law enforcement can now work with TDNO and BCDU and Cryptocurrency exchanges.

SEE THE 314a RULE: Feb 21, 2023. Click here.

What this ASSERTION report includes:

ROMANCE SCAM: BITCOIN IRA, TRADING PLATFORM SCAM, PIG BUTCHERING. Alias Jeff Miller instructs victim to transfer funds borrowed from SoFi USA lender by coercion and manipulation under duress. The criminal has extensive knowledge of lending practices and expert at guiding the victim to exploit serious flaws in SoFi lending practices. From COINBASE WALLET to the criminals ALPHA WALLET. Meaning the criminal has used COINBASE, then migrated to ALPHA wallet, both of which have failed in the burden of duty of care and have harboured an organised criminal. The real Bitcoin IRA platform have ignored warnings and failed to respond to our assistance to prevent further instances. The address below is just one instance of a total amount loss of over USD400,000. If you are checking this detail, let's collaborate and take this criminal down.


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