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Elderly Scams

The Dark Night Online | ELDERLY SCAMS - Elderly, Debt-Drug-Mules - criminals coerce elderly and vulnerable victims of financial scams to repay their debts by carrying drugs into Australia.

While this article is a verbatim copy of the original AFP article, I have highlighted important paragraphs to assist readability. I encourage readers to follow the Australian Federal Police links in the article for access to original source content.

As I get time, I will update the TDNO database with the list of scams targeting the elderly. I will list all scams shared with TDNO at no cost and make these available FREE.

A key difference of the TDNO Scam Watch technology is to facilitate real-time alerts to mobile, for a distributed, connected, networked immediacy of intelligence to crypto crime fighters who can share alerts within social networked communities.

Early intervention can contribute to bust scams early on. Let's help protect the elderly and vulnerable from harm.

Counselling information is also available on TDNO.

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