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Disrupting the global crime pandemic

The Dark Night Online | DISRUPTING the GLOBAL CRIME PANDEMIC - When one looks at the statistics involved in crypto, cyber and financial crime there can be no doubt that the numbers reflect a global pandemic level of financial loss.

What is a pandemic vs epidemic?

Let's start with basic definitions: AN EPIDEMIC is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region. A PANDEMIC is an epidemic that's spread over multiple countries or continents. ENDEMIC is something that belongs to a particular people or country

While law enforcement and government agencies have international treaties and collaboration methods in place, departmental rules and organisational enablement takes a long time to implement.

Much of the promotional material online is aspirational, unrealistic and doesn't represent the reality experienced by victims or industry stakeholders.

What we see being promoted publicly, aspirationally, may not correlate at all to what is actually happening on the ground. What is known, may not be supported by the evidence. The 'known' may become accepted as a defining truth, despite all evidence on the ground to the contrary.

Being unrealistic is dangerous during a pandemic.

At TDNO and within our informal PROACT TASK FORCE (proactive) approach, we have now prevented thousands of crimes by curating free consumer self service tools that nip crime in the bud.

The proactive mindset also underpins how we seek INNOVATORS and CHANGE MAKERS who see what we see. That departmental rules, internal processes and procedures and methodologies are insufficient to the task of mitigating the pandemic of crime.

Criminal response processes worldwide are terrible.

CONFORMIST, COMPLIANT thinking, that adheres to failed departmental standards is only going to wash, rinse and repeat prosecution failures.

There is a significant challenge with getting people to be honest about these failures and admitting them publicly. You can't mitigate a failure until you are prepared to get honest about what is not working.

Yet there are very few people within a system who can be honest and challenge the system. Sticking your neck out could end your career and jeopardise your income and your family.

Real innovation needs people who possess such deep virtue that they simply can not accept the status quo and want to disrupt it. Note that the intention is not anarchy, it is the idea that if a system or process harms people, then the innovator wants to disrupt the harm that a bad system is doing to good people.

The first disruption is to disrupt ourselves.

We must stop accepting as the norm, systems and processes which harm people. We must become the innovators who are the DISRUPTORS, but who also get others to come along with us on a new path that delivers genuine dignity to people.

I want to collaborate with and support the empathic disruptors, who see the pain of people, and who are prepared to step up and be Of, By and for THE PEOPLE.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, if this feels like you, then I am reaching out my hand to invite you to collaborate. I am forming a PROACTIVE WORKGROUP of people from every aspect of impact on the restitution of funds to the victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn and DM me.

Note that I have used an anonymous hooded character in the photo here to illustrate that I anyone can step up to become a crime fighter in THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE. Fighting crime could be as simple as being patient for the people helping you. Could involve helping prevent crime by sharing crime prevention tools. Could be working on your evidence preparation. Could be stepping up within a law enforcement department to pioneer a victim centric pathway and hold your bosses accountable. It will involve doing the right thing. HELPING PEOPLE.


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