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The Dark Night Online - CRYPTO WOLVES: Working in the dark of night online Victims become Victors, Worriers become Warriors, Prey becomes Predator and Loss becomes Litigation. Crowd sourced cyber crime fighters are now using remote collaboration technologies and innovative practices to take the fight to the cyber criminal.

I chose the WOLF symbol for TDNO inspired by the words of Chedi Mbaga from Gray Wolf Analytics. I am signed up to the GRAY WOLF EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAM, trialing and guiding Blockchain Analytics AI across dozens of real world cases, to get measurable results for victims.

Assessing the international teams working across BLOCKCHAIN ANALYTICS, I liked the holistic and collaborative approach of the Canadian Gray Wolf Analytics team the most. This team weren't industrialists looking to make a quick buck, but rather, had a deep background in data science as top field researchers. People just like me, who love to learn and grow.

The GRAY WOLF approach to efficacy of evidence resonated with what I had learned about collaboration in previous industry transformation programs. As an international head of advisory, I managed a FinTech industry transformation pilot program that earned recognition by our app winning an Australian business award in 2014. Based on my results.

Chedi inspired me with the positive outcomes of the YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK endangered species act. Environmentalists understood the vital role of wolves to foster a sustainable environment. The introduction of wolves required careful consideration of the impacts on all stakeholders. However, the main point is that by making this change, the wolves IMPROVED THE ENVIRONMENT by bringing balance to the ecosystem.

Environmentalists sought to reintroduce wolves into the park ecosystem. Ranchers didn't want this, due to the impact on livestock. Unmitigated, deer and animals prey to wolves, had decimated and destroyed the environment.

Wolves hold them in check.

To improve the online ecosystem, victims join the wolf pack and learn to become victors, who use tools to improve their evidence, together with law enforcement and other civil and private agencies, who prey on predators.

A collective approach for cross collaboration methodology between the stakeholders of crypto crime fighting turns the law enforcement pyramid on its head: we are accountable to serve the dignity of the victim, who is our boss.

A remote collaboration methodology empowers inter-connectivity, by which victims take on the role of co-operatives, actively assisting their cases and taking down criminals.

This gives power back to the victim, improves the quality and efficacy of evidence and restores the mental health through dignity.

In contrast to law enforcement practices that often stop communicating with the victim, taking sparse details for insufficient prosecutable evidence.

Victims to Victors.

A collaborative portal for instant editing of AFFIDAVIT WARRANT (Statement of Facts), a chain of evidence and digital custody, through a chronology - sequence of events that ties into artefacts of real evidence to validate assertions.

Disorganisation obstructs justice. The goal being to improve the efficacy of evidence, that is frequently turned down or put down, because it is too time consuming to establish the facts of the crime.

On the TDNO website I am renaming clients with public names of the city they are from.

Today, an Italian client has taken the moniker Mr. Comisso.

He has been victimised by everyone, including law enforcement. Slowly but surely, we're going to change the way that Italian law enforcement catches cyber criminals, by setting the example ourselves.

The renaming of victims from victims to victors, from prey to predators of criminals, each named by their city, is preparation for the Crypto Crime Fighting Documentary.

Anonymity given to victims turned victor; each testifying against criminals and against the platforms that let them down. I have already established distribution through AMAZON PRIME VIDEO, and so now the work commences to story board the narrative. The aim being to make contributing victims of crypto crime, the anonymous actors and shareholders of the documentary, with earnings from the documentary shared with those victims.

This is the power of the people.

Who work in the dark night online.

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