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Crypto Crime Alerts - an invitation to fintech founders, leaders and managers.

The Dark Night Online | FOUNDERS/LEADERS & CRYPTO CRIME ALERTS - Ethics is not about meeting minimum standards and saying you are good. Ethics is about setting a standard that works, and is good. Ethical standards for leaders is not a complicated subject, the key issue is to develop and maintain disciplines in leadership behavorial psychology.

My aim is to support stability and prevent your reputational damage and loss of consumer trust, through the prevention of crypto crime and the safety of crypto consumers. I work with the victims of crypto crime on a daily basis, and I'm inviting your to join us and help.

I invite you to step into the user experience of the criminal, as taught by the victims, so you can come to understand very quickly, how simple it is for you to prevent crypto and all other kinds of online cyber crime.

TDNO will reach out to FOUNDERS and advise in advance when we find crime in your networks.

It is up to you to pay attention.

There is a downside. If founders/leaders ignore warnings of systemic crime in their networks, the criminal activity will be published, but never before we give the founder a chance to work with us.

Integrity costs you nothing.

Turn this into a positive prevention, mitigation and remediation story by appointing personnel to stay ahead of these alerts and work with us. Simply sign up to TDNO FREE and show your commitment with presence inside the crypto crime fighting community. Invite your members to join here free too. And if you want to be awesome, help sponsor pro bono cases.

Neglect could be costly.

Fair warning, it is in the public interest that we alert communities as soon as practicable. If founders ignore warnings and fail to act to protect consumers, then TDNO will go public with the alerts, with or without the founders support. Doing it the latter way is going to look bad for the founder. Don't be that kind of founder, manager or leader. Get proactive and take this seriously.

TDNO exists only because the the crypto community wants it to. We are here on behalf of the victims of crypto crime to stop crypto crime in its tracks.

My aim is to raise the standards of ethical conduct among founders and leaders in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. To those whom this upsets, if you can't handle the heat of compliance, get out of the crypto kitchen. My standards are obviously far higher than any peak body currently in operation.


Put simply, these are CONSUMER STANDARDS, set by the victims of crypto crime and not by cost reduction, legal liability and accountability and avoidance.

Keep in mind that on their watch, members in the networks of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Peak Bodies committed crimes. They have breached the public trust.

TRADING PLATFORM SCAMS will appear under SCAM WATCH as they come in and are reported. I have a backlog of 50 cases to report. Due to the unmoderated and unsafe marketing practices of BINANCE and TRUST WALLET, a high percentage of crypto crime cases have occurred within and around those networks.

I have already posted evidence on social media. Many of those who hype up crypto around those networks, who chase bounties and air drops, are criminals disguised as promotors. It is total incompetence to not see them.


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