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Blockchain Investigation


- what does a Blockchain investigation look like?

A forensic Blockchain Chain investigation aims to present expert evidence.
  • Confirmation of origin of legitimate ownership,

  • qualitative and quantitative evidence that the transaction was fraud/theft,

  • and then tracks the transactions from the initial point of origin

  • to the accounts through which the cryptocurrency was laundered.

  • We are then able to present the evidence within a statement of facts,

  • that a prosecutor can use to execute an affidavit warrant

  • to get identity details from a regulated exchange.

This sounds simple, but to get to this stage, to simplify the complexity, that's where the value of forensic Blockchain analysis sits. In the chain of evidence.

Assisting law enforcement and prosecutors.

This is why Blockchain investigators are needed.

Note that the example on this post is from a live case today.

Excluding any identifiable data for privacy and security reasons.

  1. What you are seeing here is how one transaction was divided initially across 10 accounts, then transferred to six accounts.

  2. 50% of the account transfers went to a single account, and it's that account that we prioritise focusing law enforcement resources on.

  3. A prosecutor could expect a high percentage of success serving a warrant on that account.

Job made easier. You're welcome.

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