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Being Digital Right.

The Dark Night Online | CRYPTO CRIME | discover an important instance of how the Australian government, Law Enforcement and Blockchain industry regulatory bodies have failed the Australian consumer.

Digital Rights Watch has some important advice for Australians who operate in the digital realm. Have a read of what they have to say about the new legislation and how this 'protects' Australians.

For broader context,

On the 11th of September, 2021 Australia will have been in a legal state of war for 20 years.

I want you to think about that for a moment.

Australia is currently on a war footing, under the definition of 'War on Terror' and has been for 20 years. Despite USA withdrawing from Afghanistan, the legal status of war has not been withdrawn.

What are the impacts of being in a legal state of war for 20 years? And is the loss of privacy actually helping people?

Under the terms of the LOAC (Laws of Armed Conflict) the Australian government is not required to uphold all human rights, and as a consequence, doesn't.

I encourage Australians to study THE LOAC.

The LOAC was developed as a means to guide Armed Forces to behave humanely, lawfully during ARMED CONFLICT.

Yet this is being applied almost solely to how we gather INFORMATION without ARMED CONFLICT being present.

A challenge for Australian Human Rights Commission, is that next to no Australian knows what Human Rights are, that there are 30 of them and how they apply or are relevant to daily life.

Australians routinely breach human rights.

Australian contracts breach Human Rights, e.g: MORAL RIGHTS HOLDING is the right to be recognised for your work. Most employer agreements claim to own employee IP, further stating the recognition for the work belongs to the company.

As a person who is currently working 30 Cryptocurrency Crime cases, I can speak from personal experience to represent feedback from victims of technology crimes.

I propose that THE PEOPLE are not being protected by either the Blockchain industry or by the government regulatory agencies who claim to be using these laws to take down criminal enterprise.

A poignant example of this is that one of my clients who was scammed in a fake METAMASK support scam, identified that the scammer had allegedly siphoned over US$100m in Cryptocurrency.

MetaMask is owned by Consensys.

The owner and the legal department were told by me that a fake MetaMask Support crew were operating on Telegram.

The owner of Telegram (who also owns VKontakte) was also advised at the same time.

Two months later, the fake MetaMask support scam is still allegedly siphoning off Cryptocurrency funds through a phishing site.

The fake group has 154,744 members with 5955 conversations.

MetaMask verified on Twitter that they have no support group on Telegram. The MetaMask Support on Telegram, does pose as an authentic support. Thus committing a scam.

Verifying the losses is another matter.


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