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AI Blockchain Investigation Reporting now supports TDNO client cases.


I have kept this quiet for some months and I will be writing a press release, but I could not hold back on this post to exclaim my excitement at Clain's AI Crypto Investigation REPORTING FUNCTION.

However, before I get into that and for transparency, I want my audience to know that the TDNO Crime Fighting Community earns commissions on Clain referrals. If you are an investigator and you want early access to Clain, TDNO will get alongside you as a Clain Partner to support onboarding you.

Here's how you can help our PRO BONO CASES. When investigators, Law Enforcement or other agencies subscribe, Clain will pay TDNO commissions which assists to fund our voluntary, unpaid work helping destitute victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime.

Clain has kindly agreed to assist the TDNO Community with commissions on subscriptions to help those pro bono cases. Thanks Clain! And thanks to those of YOU willing to let Clain know that you learned about Clain through TDNO!

All you need to do is say that THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE referred you. However, let's do one better. I will personally introduce you to the key people at Clain.

TDNO has a formal partner agreement with CLAIN PROBE SOFTWARE to assist introducing CLAIN as a mission critical crime fighting tool to LAW ENFORCEMENT. However, law firms, banks and many other stakeholders can benefit.

In fact, we are helping Law Enforcement agencies worldwide to use Clain to solve real world TDNO global cases to accelerate restitution for victims.

Today we gained early access to AI REPORT function in Clain Probe.

This function auto generates a forensic crypto / Blockchain Investigation report in four languages! ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and DUTCH... (so far), taking just seconds to minutes and saving minutes to hours on administration.

Of course, legally, a report must be created by the investigator, but this time-saving-option allows you choose the specific nodes, clusters, wallets and accounts being investigation through a simple selection process.

  • Address Identification

  • Cluster Nodes

  • Transaction History

  • Transaction Patterns

  • Coin Mixing and Other Obfuscation Techniques

  • and



NB: TDNO and BCDU are right now getting alongside investigation teams and law enforcement, sharing our insights and techniques. We have an independent formal certification working across real victim cases from TDNO and into genuine judicial process cases. We are also training trainers. We want as many people as possible using Clain's bleeding edge technology to help accelerate victim funds restitution and prosecutions. We think you'll love Clain! We do! REACH OUT to GLYN MACLEAN on LinkedIn for more info.

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