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A day in the life... what's an ATAC?

A DAY IN THE LIFE - projects today include preparing documentation to assist AMAZON WEB SERVICES to do a take down of the web infrastructure of a criminal organisation.

Working with the clients to gather documentary evidence to assist the takedowns. Engaging multiple IaaS platforms with letters of abuse and EULA/TAC breach.

AWS staff are stepping up directly to help fight cyber crime, demonstrating good leadership and making it clear, you have our support, let's stop criminals using AWS infrastructure.

ATAC (ATTACKING criminal architecture through TERMS AND CONDITIONS breaches) is part of my direct work to accelerate disrupting criminal architecture IaaS platform access under TAC - Terms and conditions / EULA - end user licensing agreement abuse/breaches. Much faster than subpoenas. Let's get these criminal websites offline URGENTLY.

This approach bypasses law enforcement processes and works directly with platforms, providing them with the evidence to self-enforce their own EULA rules.

I have two clients whose documentation I am preparing to take forward into SEC whistle blower cases against COINBASE.

We aren't just going after the criminals, or waiting for law enforcement, victims are also preparing to hold the technology and financial industries accountable.

We are preparing evidence documentation to challenge several other platforms. Including a wallet based in Singapore that is a favourite among criminals.

There is no bullshit here, just a dedication

to make a genuine difference.

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