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It is no accident that the hero narrative is being used at THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE.

The name came from the fact that I do this work in the dark of night online, after building my other companies.

I do this because someone has to stand up for victims of financial crime and hundreds of victims were coming to me begging me to stand up and fight for them. So here it is. The people getting organised against crime.

THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE - is the home of those who work in the dark of night online to uphold security, justice and recovery of financial funds stolen through cryptocurrency crime online.

THE LEAGUE OF JUSTICE - are all the members who have signed up for FREE MEMBERSHIP to step up and contribute information to help put a stop to criminal exploitation of consumers.

BOUNTY HUNTERS - are those who have been vetted and trained by me and who will have access to recovery success fees.

HALL OF JUSTICE - is a real-time live, community forum and bulletin board where FREE MEMBERS can list SCAMS.

WATCHTOWER - is a section of the community and a FREE service to help centralise alerts to crime as it happens in real time.

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