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Recovery | Assessment

PURPOSE: evaluate recovery, document case, report for police.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 300 euros
  • Online ZOOM meeting.

Service Description

RECOVERY ASSESSMENT is designed to be accessible for victims who have lost significant sums of money and who are now seeking recovery of funds and justice for a financial crime. This is a methodical, analytical PARALEGAL and PRIVATE INVESTIGATION process to determine viability of recovery of funds lost to crime. A trained paralegal CASE OFFICER will document your case for assessment with a trained CASE SUPERVISOR. (All personnel are trained by our founder as seen on QUORA.) HOW RECOVERY ASSESSMENT WORKS During payment, you will book a day and time for a remote meeting via ZOOM with one of our case officers. You can choose the case officer at point of sale, and this may be someone that you have been talking to through our web chat. Their availability will display on the calendar and does take into account time zone differences. We have personnel available worldwide. Recovery Assessment begins with an initial (up to) 90 minute face-to-face video conference call. During this session, your case officer will provide you with access to our secure remote servers for remote collaboration of case work in a private case file. We use Microsoft Word & Excel to maintain compatibility with mainstream tools readily available to people. The exploratory consultation will require that we coach you to input your data into our excel and word templates as part of our process to assess the viability of recovery. Your case officer will then work with you to collate both the quantitative forensic transactional data (as evidence to what actually happened) and help you to curate the qualitative conversational and interactional social communication data, so that we compile a report that meets the requirements of burden of proof. This is then collated into a RECOVERY ASSESSMENT REPORT that you can use to approach a magistrate in the local jurisdiction of the court system, to assist criminal prosecution. When applicable, a potential next step is to invest in FIXED FEE RECOVERY. NB: If you paid the criminals by CREDIT CARD - use our CHARGE BACK service - which has high likelihood of recovery due to the fact that credit cards are insured against fraud by banks. If you paid by DEBIT CARD, CASH, BANK TRANSFER or CRYPTOCURRENCY then use this service. BANK DEBIT / CRYPTOCURRENCY - While Credit Card purchases have a Charge Back insurance scheme in the banking system, other kinds of transfers fall under CAVEAT EMPTOR - BUYER BEWARE - at your own risk.

Contact Details

USA Office: Official Communications 1 Chestnut Hill Plaza, Newark, DE, USA

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