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Mr whanuk
Jan 27, 2022
In Victim Reports
Hi there over two months ago me and my wife were made redundant because of covid- 19 so I was desperate to make a living with what I had in savings for my two kids felt useless as a father So got searching to invest our savings looked into a few Investing companies pipfultrades stood out as returns was very high yes that should of gave me red flags but I was so deluded in making money I followed their telegram group for a month did my research not one bad thing I could find about this scam site invested 25000$ to gain 50000$ in four weeks the Fourth week ended admin said for me to withdraw I need to pay for admin fees which was 5000$ was never told in that two month period there was fees that’s when alarm bells started going off ask if I can get a refund admin said only if I pay the fees which i knew there would only be more fees to pay now they have blocked me from all telegram chats I can say I have learnt the hardest lesson

Mr whanuk

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