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CRYPTO CRIME REPORT: EU$120,000 loss, Dublin, Ireland. ALLEGED CRIMINAL PARTIES: EZDSK with Diana Lopez & Carl Scott PLATFORMS USED: CRYPTOPAY, ANYDESK & BINANCE, WhatsApp as tools to commit Wire Fraud. CASE FILE: I received a call from an unknown UK number late February this year claiming that I have filled up a form online regarding cryptocurrency. The name of the woman was Diana Lopez. She asked me to deposit 350 euros to open an account with stating that I can withdraw my money if decided not to go ahead. I agreed and made a deposit.

The very next day, I received an email from Carl Scott who claimed that he is now in charge of my account. He has asked me to open up an account with Binance and Cryptopay. I was too slow, so he asked me to download Any Desk.

He has shown me with that small amount of money, by opening trades, I can make more money if I invest more. It was all so believable. He said that there is a stop lost mechanism, and that the platform can trade automatically. I believed him.

As the days gone by, I have invested all of my money, as Carl stated that my account can go up to a quarter of a million. I was pressured to deposit more money, and Carl started looking up avenues for me to borrow money. I managed to borrow a sum of money from my bank. I have given them this amount of money as well, as Carl promised that I can withdraw this money to payy off the loan.

After I completed this step, Carl claimed that I have to invest in more money. He also said that I have made a commitment and I have to find the funds someow. I have tried borrowing from the bank and some private companies. I ended being scammed by 3 borrowing companies who requested upfront fees. Carl later found out when I couldn't come up with the money, and started being aggressive, and started threatening that I would lose everything if I didn't come up with the money. A colleage of his called Shane Dupree began harassing me through calling and what's app messages. He claim that he was a nice person and would reduce the amount of money required to 'release' my funds from EU$60,000 to EU$20,000 so that I could get access to my money, which is obviously blackmail and fraud.


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