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A cyber or crypto criminal should not profit from your misery. Our most accesible service provides a purely adiministrative, but very powerful, registration of your incident. Directly into the Gray Wolf Web3 intelligence and Blockchain Analysis Global Incident Database. This data is available to all Gray Wolf Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Investigators worldwide, and also gets pushed up into gloibal incident databases, programmed for SEARCHABILITY. To use this service, you must have at least a written STATEMENT OF FACTS in PDF format, at least one TRANSACTION HASH or BTC or ETH Wallet Address and a valid claim of a genuine criminal incident. Your report will appear when other operators search for the transaction hash or wallet address. There will be a link through to the report and contact details to reach out to TDNO or where appropriate, directly to the victim. This is very powerful, because the Intelligence Suite is used by active users who want to solve cases. If there is a class action formed anywhere in the world, your data will be accessible to include in that case. For EU$45 that's very good value and priced to be accessible and to make a difference. 

Criminal Database

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