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TDNO Proact Task Force: Pioneering Pathways to Recovery

THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE (TDNO) PROACT TASK FORCE assembles the regional and global leaders, pioneers among Investigators, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Accountants, Prosecutors and Academia.

Pioneering pathways to justice for the victims of crypto crime.

I’m happy to share that I’m starting an additional role as Chief Legal Advisor at The Dark Night Online (TDNO) PROACT TASK FORCE - I will be advising the global TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE as Chief Legal Advisor in proactive, advanced research. Pioneering pathways to cryptocurrency justice for victims.

Developing and testing legal processes to establish best practice standards in Civil and Criminal client cases for the victims of Cryptocurrency crime who are members from the TDNO community and from other TDNO Proact Task Force partners.

Driving the representation of diversity and inclusion across the Task Force.

And letting you know that we are here for YOU!

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