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Policed to meet you.

A warm welcome to the Local, State and Federal Police connected to us, and in particular, those from Michigan and Wisconsin. We also welcome Nigerian and Indian police and look forward to getting alongside to support and equip you and your teams to fight crypto crime.

We encourage Police to connect to our LinkedIn page The Dark Night Online for the crypto and cyber crime fighting community network.

Police should also connect to Blockchain Downunder which is a training organisation that will equip you with bleeding edge Web3 Intelligence tools and methods to fight international cyber and crypto crime. Blockchain Downunder will provide Individual Certification, along with train the trainer accreditation programs and partner with regional registered police training organisations to accelerate developing soft-skills competency.


Police may also please also follow Gray Wolf Analytics the Canadian based Web3 intelligence Suite being deployed globally through our pilot programs. Blockchain Downunder is the official training and certification partner for Gray Wolf.

If you'd like to get Certified in Investigations use

to register your interest to get to work.

Photo: Glyn MacLean presenting at BLOCKCHAIN AUSTRALIA conference teaching Sydney Stock Exchange,

Regional Banking Leaders and Insurance Leaders Blockchain Idea-ology.

CRYPTO CRIME VICTIMS and the Police Pilot:

TDNO began the law enforcement education project to equip and train law enforcement divisions worldwide specifically to help you. This is an effort to bring crypto and cyber crime victim cases into 'hands-on' pilot programs with law enforcement divisions worldwide.

We are currently running Police Pilot Programs in INDIA, NIGERIA and USA, planning to add more as opportunity permits.

An example is a TDNO case out of Croatia that has been rejected by Croatian police. This is now being put in the hands of Nigerian Police, who are in the jurisdiction of the criminal. We are confident that we can equip Nigerian Police to prosecute the criminal.

Police training programs will improve the handling of your evidence, accelerating subpoenas and warrants to achieve search and seizure. The program is a partnership with a leading edge Web3 Intelligence Suite GRAY WOLF ANALYTICS and BLOCKCHAIN DOWNUNDER (BCDU), which will provide Certification, Accreditation and Registration training programs.

TDNO will assist resolving all cases, pro bono or paid, old or new, with each and every case treated with equal dignity and respect. Our aim is to resolve all current cases during 2023 to present the successes in 2024. Thanks for your patience as we place your case into a well managed program to restore your dignity and your value. TDNO cases will be placed in a program by June 2023.

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Membre inconnu
20 mars 2023

This is great news! I really wish my local law enforcement was more willing to help victims of this crime. Too many just too many!

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