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Nailed: from beautician to crime fighter.

The Angie Lamothe story, from beautician to crime fighter as shared by Angie, Community Manager for TDNO on her LinkedIn profile at this link:

Originally, Angie came to The Dark Night Online as a victim of a relationship scam, after losing a significant sum of cryptocurrency to an organized criminal.

At first I blamed myself, but soon enough found there is a crypto crime pandemic worldwide. I come from a legacy of crime fighting, growing up admiring my grand father, who was a talented detective.

Despite the fact people know Angie as a beautician

and massage therapist, there has been a crime fighter lurking around inside Angie waiting to come out.

At first I tried all the usual ways to get justice. FBI, IC3, USSS, State Police but ultimately the US Attorney dumped my case along with thousands of others. That seemed very unfair and unjust to me.
My granddad would have frowned.
Then he would step and do something constructive to restore justice.
After engaging just about every crime fighting community I came across THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE, a victim centric crime fighting community that promoted itself as Of, By and For the THE PEOPLE.
Now that's me. It could be you, too.

Anyone can join Angie to step up and contribute something positive in the dark of night online to restore

dignity back to people.

I have taken on a leadership role as Community Manager and now focused on leading-the-way with Community Collaboration & Public-Private Partnership to Prevent and Fight Crypto, Cyber and Financial Crime in the dark of night online.
This includes my creation PEER SUPPORT and founding of THE DARK ANGELS crime fighting communities and supporting lawyers, law enforcement, investigators and accountants who are joining the TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE.
Connecting and activating regional GROUPS and facilitating liaison between victim groups and crime fighting workgroups, as we collaborate to solve the issues with crypto, cyber and financial crime justice.
I am also working to restore the dignity of the victims of crime through coaching and counselling. This is second nature and sits at the core of my client support through my therapeutical practice.
I have partnered with to provide this care and support with counselling sessions to the victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime."
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