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LGBTQIAP Ugrading Abuse Laws

The Dark Night Online - Spousal and Elder Abuse, Manipulation, Coercion and Duress. Criminals are exploiting loop holes in law to target new vulnerable groups with organised financial crime.


Coercion, Manipulation and Duress laws need to be updated to embrace and support all vulnerable groups. Beyond elderly and spousal abuse; adapted to include protecting the dignity of the new vulnerable groups being targeted by organised criminals.

It's not just women and elderly who are being targeted for romance or investment scams, of course, men are targeted too.

Elderly abuse and spousal abuse laws provide at least some protections under law, to revoke agreements that are formed by manipulation and coercion, and under duress.

This is important, because organised criminals are misleading their romance victims into securing massive loans for trading scam taxes. Lending institutions are not heeding our warnings or alerting their customer base.

If you are gay, you may be in a relationship equally as complex as a marriage, yet you may not have any protection for your same sex marriage, under spousal abuse law.

This matters because criminals are very much into diversity and inclusion. Criminals are some of the most inclusive predatory people on earth and will target any vulnerable group that the global village has neglected, in terms of our burden of duty and care.

Organised criminals are actively targeting LGBTQIA+ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and + (+ for those we have missed out.)

We know this, because we have numerous crypto crime cases involving gay relationship scams. We have also helped to stop the trans daughter of a USA dad from being sex slavery trafficked in the Middle East.

The point is this.

Relationships should not to be limited to 1950s definitions.

A SPOUSAL style of relationship may be maintained remotely for two people over a period of months, purely online. That relationship will go through the same kinds of modalities and complexities as a marriage contract, but is not recognised by legal protections.

Organised criminals have studied the weaknesses of society. The lack of care that we have towards people whose choices are different. Criminals are preying on those who fall between the gaps. As organisations step up to protect vulnerable elderly and those seeking romance, criminals have moved on to infiltrate LGBTQIA+ apps and groups.

We must act swiftly, to update legislation and redefine online relationships within Elderly and Spousal Abuse laws.

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