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Lauren - Protector on Quora

INTRODUCING ONE OF OUR PEOPLE | Lauren Swartz joins TDNO from South Africa. Lauren will be helping Quora Q&A Website users to avoid getting caught out by fake crypto recovery scammers. ROLE: Affiliate Assistant.


TDNO is working across QUORA to stop recovery fraud one person at a time. Lauren joins this battle under our guidance and will continue as we have, to alert QUORA users to imminent fraud, preventing crime, while also directing QUORA users to genuine victim resources.

QUORA is besieged by fake recovery agents and hackers.

DIRECTING VICTIMS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT While we do have paid services, our primary goal is to direct victims to the appropriate law enforcement resource in the victim jurisdiction and location. PRO BONO Vs. PAID TDNO has a large number of pro bono cases, supporting victims of crypto crime who have been made destitute. Our paid services help to subsidise our pro bono work. The more paid services we provide, the more pro bono cases we can afford to take on. OUR REACH ON QUORA

As it stands today, we have 184 TDNO members participating on QUORA, with 4 Contributing members moderating the TDNO outreach hub on QUORA.

TDNO FOUNDER Glyn MacLean is one of the most read cryptocurrency writers on Quora, with more than 2.5 million views of his answers, he has lectured to over 30,000 people through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency events.

People helping People.

One of our goals across the TDNO crypto, cyber and crime fighting community is to support income opportunities for members. In Lauren's case, she aims to leverage her English language teaching TEFL certification to teach through an internship in Cambodia.

Lauren has obstacles to overcome.

South African power companies conduct "Load shedding." This kicks households off the network to protect the power grid from over usage. Makes working across the internet unreliable. Shifting to Solar and Lithium battery supply provides a back up option, which will often be the main source of power supply.

Our aim is to assist Lauren to fund the tools she needs to work, then fund airfares and accomodation in Cambodia. If you can help us to help Lauren with SOLAR PANELS and BATTERIES as a sponsor, we'll help promote your brand.

Lauren has experienced fraud herself, but that's not the worst that she has faced. Providing for her family in the wake of her mothers death by homicide.

Disadvantage could happen to anyone, anytime.

It is our responsibility to help turn things around.

Elevating the dignity of people by helping them.

Despite her difficulties, Lauren is courageous and passionate about DOING THE RIGHT THING by other people. We're proud of her and grateful to have Lauren on the team.


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