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Justice for Canadians

The Dark Night Online | CANADA - TDNO prepares evidence for quite a few Canadian Crypto, Cyber and Financial crime cases. Here's how the TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE is taking a proactive role to assist Canadian justice.

Much like our experience with USA cases, TDNO Canadian cases typically come from victims who have been 'turned away' or 'rejected' by law enforcement.

Yes, you read that right.

We have come into a case that has failed the Canadian judicial process due to insufficient evidence and (or) cases dropped by Canadian law enforcement that were below court evidence standards.

In most cases the evidence collection process has been substandard. Yet the victims have sufficient evidence.

This includes a very important case managed by a well known and very famous crypto investigation software company.

A highly certified and publicly celebrated investigator has used that software company's methods and has failed the Canadian judicial court process.

The Canadian court itself is making it costly and difficult for the victim to get access to their court records.

There is a lot of hype online.

It is super important that organisations demonstrate honesty and humility by getting honest about their failures and diagnose the evidence gap to step up to court standards.

Despite the fact that we have 'common wealth' or 'common law', there are jurisdictional variances between provinces and states.

Evidence is always prepared to demonstrate either a civil or criminal objective.

Simply proving Chain of Custody or Chain of Evidence is insufficient.

Certification programs that are not part of a real world, live judicial process, may communicate theoretical processes that have low functional context to the real judicial process.

Remember, police are not lawyers!

Neither are many forensic investigators!

Yet legal context is fundamental!

TDNO works with lawyers and law professionals worldwide with deep insight into legal precedents across multiple jurisdictions and real world cases.

Thanks to the efforts of Nivie Kaul, who is on point pioneering law path for crypto, cyber and financial crime cases; we are connecting proactively with lawyers, police and investigators worldwide to fix the legal path gaps.

Right now we are challenging law enforcement methods by proving the fact that multiple investigation software and investigators can validate criminal identity across multiple hops.

THE TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE will share critical benchmarks for evidence path process. We invite interested parties to join the group and use our tools for remote collaboration to participate across standards.

Sign up (free) via and engage me via TDNO LIVE CHAT mentioning PROACT TASK FORCE. This way my safe, secure, private systems can determine the authenticity of your identity to collaborate.

NB: TDNO will be soon be adding KYC authentication to the victim support process to assist both civil and criminal evidence process paths.


The Dark Night Online.

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