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An angel in the dark night online

INTRODUCING ANGIE - We are excited to announce that Angie (her name means angel!) has joined the team at the THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE (TDNO). Angie is taking the lead to develop COMMUNITY SUPPORT on the TDNO website and will be helping to GIVE PEOPLE A VOICE. Helping victims become victors as Crypto Crime Fighters, as our bright shiny new angelic COMMUNITY MANAGER. If you do hear from Angie, she is here to help you to get the most from the FREE CRIME FIGHTING TOOLS at so please do help Angie to help you.


Angie is all about people! A licensed Massage therapist since 1999, Angie has helped thousands of people on and off the table! She has also been a nail technician since 2005. We all know that beauticians are among the best psychologists and investigators, and are the best at keeping the secrets of their clients! Since 2017, Angie has owned a small business in Agawam, Massachusetts, USA. She is a mother of two boys, a soccer coach, a life-coach-in-progress, daughter, sister, and friend. Angie came to work side by side Glyn MacLean in Crime Fighting with crypto currencies after becoming a victim to a Romance Ponzi scheme using Crypto Currency!

Angie brings care and light to the victims of crypto, cyber and financial crime. Supporting with transparency, but also bringing humanity through moral support to other victims who wish to also become crime fighters!

Please reach out to Angie to learn how you can start your journey to become a Crypto and Cyber Crime Fighter using our tools and services, and join Angie in helping the community in THE DARK NIGHT ONLINE as we reach out to help others!

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