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Activate - What you can do.

Here is what you can do in the Dark of Night Online.

As a Victim of Crypto, Cyber and Financial crime myself I'm well aware that the people who have become a victim of crime will be up In the Dark of night Online trying to unravel the harm that the criminal perpetrator has done to them.

"Victims often feel so shamed and blamed that they feel they can't come forward and talk to anyone. Being a Dark Angel is about being a 100% support to help victims feel valued, that they are not just 'a crime that happened', they are a person, not just a number or an incident. It's about overcoming the feeling that nothing is happening and being 'actively patient' while TDNO Investigators support Law Enforcement to improve and process your evidence."

Trauma often occurs within a context of a rejection by law enforcement, either for insufficient evidence or localized law enforcement incapacity to prosecute the criminal. This can happen for all kinds of valid reasons and could be resolved through public-private cooperation.

We understand how you may be feeling.

Here is what you can do in the dark night online.

I created the Dark Angels to reach out to victims of crime with an invitation to share their stories so that we can HEAR THEIR STORIES (we have video interviews coming up soon).

Also giving victims a voice to contribute to TDNO open source intelligence in plain English, searchable on Google to help prevent more victims by the same criminal.

Prevention is a cure.

TDNO Dark Angels use TDNO GROUPS to curate victim feedback.

This serves to help improve victim support across public service agencies by educating them through victim centered feedback of, by and for the people. Victim centricity is important. The goal for victims is the recovery of stolen assets, where law enforcement are more focused on prosecuting the criminal.

Improving the restitution and recovery process is an important focus of The Dark Angel workgroups.

If you join a group, you can use your group to curate feedback about your local and regional challenges in a private, member-only group right here on the TDNO website. It is important not to use the group to attack people or whinge and moan about having to be patient. Groups are not a complaints department. They are WORKING GROUPS to improve victim support.

Your group may include other victims of crime, lawyers, law enforcement, investigators and technology companies who have joined to learn how they can improve victim support and solve crime. TDNO cases (with victim permission) will often become test cases for new methods, technology and procedures that aim to improve evidence and justice process.

It is important that the TDNO community supports the lawyers, law enforcement and other personnel who are right now stepping up through the TDNO PROACT TASK FORCE to help our community.

TDNO is a global platform. If you don't see a group for your region/country let us know in the comments and we will create one for you so you can invite others to join.

TDNO Dark Angels are also from all over the world, drawing from their depth of knowledge from personal experiences of crime, sharing the tools and ideas to help prevent crime.

We provide emotional and psychological support, which also serves to help recall to improve statement of facts and assist investigations.

Here's how to ACTIVATE your profile.
  1. When you visit,

  2. Scroll down to see the LOGIN link,

  3. Then login with your email and password.

  4. Reset your password if you have forgotten.

  5. You can then click on ACCOUNT

  6. And then PROFILE to see and to edit your profile.

  7. If you are not a member, we will upgrade you at no cost.

  8. On your profile you can edit your PUBLIC NAME as a non de plume and we suggest using your location like Mr. Sydney or Mrs. Moscow, if you want to be anonymous.

  9. However you should update you real names for TDNO personnel to assist you.

  10. Add a photo, make sure your email address is correct and add the details of what happened on your profile.

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