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of your cryptocurrency  

Payment Plan

Blockchain Investigation,

Criminal Prosecution, 

Private Investigation,

Funds Recovery.

Set-up fee:

$700.00 USD

Subscription period


Monthly Payment:

$600.00 USD

Billing cycle:

Every 1 month

Number of billing cycles:




Pricing Includes:

4% PayPal Fee

Consumer Tax



This agreement is made between the parties;

  1. CLIENT and Glyn MacLean (GM), of The Dark Night Online (TDNO) a Blockchain Investigation service operated by Oikos Media Pty Ltd (OIKOS MEDIA), collectively hereafter referred to as INVESTIGATOR, in consideration of the agreements made herein, INVESTIGATOR will conduct investigative activities consisting of: ​managing a trained and certified, experienced Blockchain Investigation practitioner.

  2. AMOUNT OF BTC or USD TO BE RECOVERED: (to be confired by CLIENT): 

  3. Deploying CHAINALYSIS REACTOR and (or) Crystal Blockchain Analysis Software (THE SOFTWARE), for the purpose of attempting to recover fraudulently obtained funds, and so as to include relevant forensic and documentary evidence, involving the following work,

    1. SOFTWARE:

      1. Utilizing THE SOFTWARE for presenting forensic transactional identity of the criminal parties to,


      1. as forensic documentation from THE SOFTWARE to meet burden of proof, for legally executable warrant action by law enforcement, to obtain financial identity details from the,

    3. EXCHANGE:

      1. by executing the warrant to access the PII (Personal Identity Information) of the criminals, from the exchange under KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) rules, to present this to a,


      1. including financial, and other potential asset details, with a view to gaining a court order to seize financial, and other assets as the proceeds of the crime, to be distributed to THE CLIENT through a,  


      1. by processing the CLIENT stake of claim against the proceeds of crime, to recover funds from the exchange(s) with a view to,


      1. of financial assets back to THE CLIENT.


  5. Said investigative activities will begin on or about a date to be agreed once the retainer is paid.

  • No guarantees are being made that recovery will be the final outcome of the services. 

  • INVESTIGATOR is acting on a paralegal basis as an independent technology expert. 

  • No representation is being made that TDNO is a legal service or legal representation. 

  1. The client will pay THE FEES by way of.

    1. The Up-Front Fees, Deposit or Initial Payment 

    2. Where a payment plan is put in place, pay the monthly fees on time or forfeit the work, 

    3. 10% of the funds recovered, payable on recovery of funds, immediately on their distribution.

    4. INVESTIGATOR agrees to cover all costs for investigative and administrative activities, chargeable against the retainer.


  3. The CLIENT assumes responsibility to provide accurate information concerning the investigation.

  4. The INVESTIGATOR agrees that its representatives will maintain reasonable communications on at least a monthly basis, with the client during the period of the investigation and efforts for financial asset recovery.

  5. DURATION: the INVESTIGATOR will endeavour to recover the funds as quickly as possible, while the investigation could span into weeks or months, the back-end percentage provides strong incentive.

TDNO |The Dark Night Online is fully owned and operated by Oikos Media Pty Ltd, an Australian based company incorporated on Aug 19, 2020, in Perth, WA. Australian Securities & Investments Commission official regulatory and compliance details ACN 643523858 and ABN 13643623858 WEBSITE: EMAIL: POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 4091, MANDURAH NORTH, WA 6210 SHIPPING ADDRESS: Suite 4091, Shop 13, 175-179 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah, WA 6210, AUSTRALIA

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